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Sep 11 - Dec 11, 2017

The best course & diploma in Greece

The complete digital & social media diploma with a long track record as a catalyst for change is now awarded as the 'Best Digital & Social Media Diploma in Greece' from Social Media World.

Trusted by more than 500 executives in top agencies, brands and corporations. Designed by experienced professionals, and driven by the latest technology, case studies and online tactics.

Course's syllabus is EQF Level 5. Consists of exclusive topics and advanced knowledge and has 95.4% Net Promoter Score!

Organized by KnowCrunch, powered by Deree - The American College of Greece.

Learn from the best, transform your digital career and thrive in your field. This is your best step towards having a career as a certified Digital & Social Media Specialist.

Γλώσσα διδασκαλίας & παρουσιάσεων: Ελληνικά.

122 hours course duration
104 h lectures
16 h team work
30 h assessments
2 h online tests


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Best Digital & Social Media Diploma in Greece

Best Digital & Social Diploma

Our diploma is awarded as the best digital & social media diploma in Greece for excellence by the Social Media World, which is the biggest event in the country, gathering 3.000 national executives and professionals.

We are proud our hard work and results achived such a great award. We are honored our syllabus, topics and our professional instructors got such a value and recognition.

Thank you so much for this honor!

Course's topics

The most complete syllabus on digital and social media marketing, advertising and communication. Lectures are updated monthly and include step by step how-to & overviews, basic features & tips, best practices, case studies, market examples. Students participate in team exercises, live demos & walkthroughs, tests and assessments. We always offer more than any other diploma in the industry.

    All class lectures, team exercises, live demos

  • Aivalis Papanestoros

    Digital & Social Media Era - 5 hours

    The digital era and the impact on communication, business models and the industry

    Welcome & networking
    Professional diploma introduction & summary
    Digital & social media international services, agencies & value chain exclusive
    Digital & social media Greek industry (media, conferences, awards, associations) exclusive
    Digital consumer facts & behavior (journey, crowdsourcing, long-tail) exclusive
  • Elpidis Kampas Kiriakidou

    Web Sites - 12 hours

    How to design, develop, host, manage, maintain and run succesful Web Sites, Blogs, E-Shops, Portals

    Web sites fundamentals & case studies
    Web sites design & development (process, R.F.P., costs, themes, providers) exclusive
    Publishers & blogs fundamentals & case studies exclusive
    E-shops & e-commerce fundamentals & case studies
    E-shops operation & promotion, tips, conversions exclusive
    Web sites legal terms & data privacy, cookies
    Web sites content management systems (CMS) basic features, (Joomla, Wordpress) exclusive
    E-shops platforms basic features, (Virtumart, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento) exclusive
    Web sites revenue models, case studies exclusive
  • Vardikou Elpidis

    Search Engine Optimization - 8 hours

    On-site optimization fundamentals & off-site tactics for sites & mobile apps to achieve amazing search results

    On-site search engine optimization fundamentals for web sites (S.E.O.)
    App store search optimization fundamentals for mobile apps (A.S.O.) exclusive
    Off-site search engine optimization tactics for web sites and apps (S.E.O. & A.S.O) exclusive
  • Kampas Kiriakidou Voulgaris

    Content - 8 hours

    Producing, buying, curating and using different content for all digital & social media channels

    Content strategy & plan exclusive
    Content legal issues & copyright exclusive
    Copywriting essentials for digital & social channels
    Visual design for digital & social channels - essentials & tools exclusive
    Video production & streaming for digital & social channels- essentials & tools exclusive
  • Dimitriadis Ethel Aggelatou

    Social Media & Networks - 16 hours

    Overview of important social media & social networks, features, tips, tricks, personal & business use, case studies

    Google My Business exclusive
    Foursquare exclusive
    SnapChat exclusive
    Tumblr exclusive
    Quora exclusive
    Instagram exclusive
    Pinterest exclusive
    Reddit exclusive
    SlideShare exclusive
  • Dimiktrakopoulou Elpidis Aivalis

    Social Media Community Building & Management - 12 hours

    Building, engaging and managing large social media communities

    Social media community building strategy & plan exclusive
    Social media posting specifications exclusive
    Social media community building tactics (sales, customer care, crisis management), case studies exclusive
    Live demo: Hootsuite social media community building tool exclusive
    Team exercise: form a community building strategy for a real brand & brief exclusive
    Team exercise: present the community building strategy for a brand exclusive
  • Faki

    Mobile - 4 hours

    Using mobile sms & apps to support your operation & communication, the cost, metrics, vendors, KPIs

    Mobile channels & tactics fundamentals
    Mobile apps & games for different objectives, case studies exclusive
    Mobile SMS & platforms, case studies exclusive
    Live demo: TextMagic SMS platform exclusive
  • Vardikou

    Ε-Mail - 4 hours

    Using e-mail campaigns & tools to support your operation & communication, the cost, metrics, vendors, KPIs

    Ε-mail campaigns & newsletters fundamentals & tactics
    Live demo: Moosend e-mail newsletter platform exclusive
    Live demo: Mailchimp e-mail newsletter platform exclusive
  • Develekos Dimitriadis Elpidis Outzidou Aivalis

    Digital & Social Media Campaigns - 28 hours

    Running campaigns on digital & social channels for different communication objectives, the cost, metrics, vendors, KPIs

    Google advertising fundamentals (search, display, YouTube)
    Facebook & Instagram advertising fundamentals
    LinkedIn advertising fundamentals exclusive
    Pinterest advertising fundamentals exclusive
    Twitter advertising fundamentals exclusive
    Display advertising fundamentals, premium & programmatic
    Affiliate advertising fundamentals for brands, case studies
    Astroturfing & below the line campaigns (blogs, forums, marketplaces, social media) exclusive
    Digital & social media advertising strategy & media plan exclusive
    Team exercise: form an advertising plan & budget for a real brand & brief exclusive
    Team exercise: present your advertising plan & budget exclusive
  • Panagiotidou Barouxi

    Digital & Social Media Analytics - 8 hours

    Monitoring statistics, insights, measuring results, pivoting your strategy for better KPIs, generating reports

    Google analytics fundamentals, case studies
    Facebook insights, case studies exclusive
    Twitter insights, case studies exclusive
    Web & social media reputation monitoring, case studies exclusive
    Live demo: Netsteps Monitor web & social media monitoring tool exclusive
  • Elpidis Aivalis

    Digital & Social Media Performance - 8 hours

    Focusing on KPIs by measuring & optimizing channels and conversions

    Growth hacking tactics for traction & growth, case studies exclusive
    Inbound marketing tactics for reputation & visits, case studies exclusive
    Performance marketing tactics for conversions & sales exclusive
    Team exercise: pick the best channel or tactic to increase R.O.I & reduce cost for a real brand & briefexclusive
    Team exercise: present the channels & tactics exclusive
  • Aivalis Elpidis Papanestoros

    Digital & Social Media Strategy & Plan - 8 hours

    Setting goals, calculating budget, choosing channels and drafting a detailed strategy & action plan

    Digital & social media strategy, plan & budget
    Team exercise: prepare a brief & request for proposal (R.F.P.) for a brand exclusive
    Team exercise: draft a complete digital & social media strategy & action plan for a real brand & briefexclusive
    Team exercise: present the digital & social media strategy & action plan to a client exclusive
    Digital & social media professions & jobs exclusive
    Professional diploma in digital & social media epilogue & your digital career
  • Test & Assessment

  • Online Test

    The final test where students validate their skills and qualifications

    2 hours - Final exam: multiple choice online comprehension test
    Graduation & diplomas
  • Final Strategy Assessment

    The final homework where students prove their knowledge and excellence

    30 hours - Assessment: form and deliver a complete digital & social media strategy & action plan for a real brand & briefexclusive
Apostolis Aivalis Photo

Syllabus Manager & Curator

Apostolis Aivalis, Managing Partner at AIVAL.COM

Tolis is a strategist and a pioneer in Digital & Social Media Marketing. He has hands-on operating experience on consumer & enterprise internet, social media, gaming, music, advertising, technology, media and mobile.

He managed PowerΝet Web Design Agency in 1996, founded Web Awards Contest in 1998 (now ERMIS DIGITAL), was Head of Digital in Athens 2004 Organizing Committee for the Olympics, was Head of Digital in ArboMedia Interactive Agency in 2001, founded Social Brands Digital Marketing Agency in 2007, StartupDay Event in 2009 and Startup Nation Directory in 2011. He is also a certified trainer.

All instructors & trainers

Highly respected executives in their industry with operating and training experience (4.8 out of 5 score).

Two (2) instructors are always present in the class.

Ethel Aggelatou





















Chrisa Faki
























Photos from our courses

It 's all about the people.

We share fun while enjoying advanced training. We collaborate and work together supporting each other and actively participate in workshops, exercises and role simulations. We organize follow up meetings several times after the course is over to catch up and connect with others.

Let's rock together. Be part of our great team.

Know the diploma

Things you would probably ask.

EQF Level 5+
KnowCrunch & Deree
Basic & advanced users
Class size: 30
11 Sep - 11 Dec 2017
122 hours
Mon, Tue & Wed
18:00 - 22:00
Downloadable presentations
Bring your laptop
Μαθήματα στα Ελληνικά
Debit/Credit Card


Awesome things the people who attended our digital marketing courses say about us.

Questions and answers

A great value proposition, benefits for your personal career path and digital growth for your business. Find here some of the frequent questions and our answers about our professional diploma that will help you enroll.

    Why to enroll?

  • Why should I choose this course against others?

    This is a complete course about digital & social media and the finest in the market. Reasons your should enroll now:

    - 75% of our topics are exclusive and can not be found in competitive courses
    - Education material is updated until the last moment
    - Instructors are market leaders with hands-on operating experience
    - Instructors have training experience and can teach & mentor others
    - Frequent networking events and a Facebook Group to help students collaborate and move forward
    - Extremely competitive fee with flexible payment options
    - Proper length guarantees more class & hands-on hours than competition
    - More than enough exercises so you can practice as you learn on actual strategies
    - Immediate access to digital & social media jobs, agencies or brands with 80% hiring rate
    - Instructors actively introduce and guide best students to jobs and digital agencies
    - Α recognizable diploma from -not just one- but two leading organizations
    - Topics cover all digital & social media fundamentals in depth - not just 'some' basic stuff

    This course offers an amazing value for money. Check by yourself: find here all the important courses in Greece. Evaluate the syllabus and fees of each one and compare!

  • Is this course for me?

    This program is designed for people who wish to extend their existing work into digital & social media or become digital professionals:

    - Executives
    - Freelance Professionals
    - Enrepreneurs
    - Students
    - Academic

    Also this course will boost companies willing to include digital & social media channels & services in their existing business model:

    - Brands, small businesses & corporations
    - Digital & social media agencies
    - Advertising agencies
    - Consulting firms
    - Internet providers
    - Media & Publishers

  • Payments

  • How do I pay?

    You can pay by (1) credit or debit card, (2) via bank transfer. Prices for all different tickets are inclusive all fees & applicable taxes.

    Your registration is binding. You must complete all payments after booking a seat.

    Payments can take place in 3 installments. The 1st installment (33% of ticket cost) is required on registration in order to confirm your reservation. If this payment is not received 1 day after you register, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

  • Can I cancel anytime? Do I get a refund if I do?

    You can cancel anytime before or during the course. But please pay attention to our refunds policy:

    - Cancellations received 14 days before the course will receive 100% refund of the amount paid.
    - Cancelations received 13 - 1 days before the course will receive 50% refund.
    - Cancellations received after the start of the course will not be eligible for ANY refund and in case you are paying by installments you must complete all your outstanding payments even if you cancelled.

  • Learning & exercises

  • Do I have access to learning material?

    YES. You will have online access to all course's education material and presentations in PDF format for your own use.
  • Will we participate in team exercises and hands-on strategies?

    YES. This is the only course in the market which offers actual hands-on team exercises in real life case studies or brands. You will participate in teams and work on:

    1 - Social media management & community building strategy
    2 - Advertising campaigns strategy, budget and plan
    3 - Performance & conversions strategy focusing on return on investment
    4 - Digital & social media complete strategy and plan

  • Do I need a laptop to attend the course or participate in team exersices?

    A laptop or pad is required only for the last day during the online exams (test). We encourage you to bring your own laptop or pad also during all team exercises or class lectures in order to keep up with the presentations or keep notes.

    We always provide a desk, free wi-fi access and power supply for all attendants.

  • Certification

  • Do I get a diploma?

    Yes you do after succesfully completing the full course and the final comprehension test.
  • Which is the success score for the final comprehension test?

    In order to be eligible for the diploma you need to have a grade of at least 70% in the final comprehension test.
  • What is my diploma?

    After successfully completing our course and achieve 70% in the final test you get the Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Media in hard copy *.

    Graduates of our courses receive a diploma with 2 accreditations from the principal & recognized organizations KnowCrunch and Deree - The American College of Greece, Professional Education

    This diploma, but most importantly this advanced knowledge, is trusted by digital agencies. When you are certified by us, your customers, co-workers and partners are assured that you’re committed to staying at the top of your market as a digital professional.

    * Furthermore you can request a link to a Certificate of attendance online to link into your LinkedIn profile in the certifications section, free of charge.

  • Which other optional certifications I can apply for after successful completion?

    This course gives you a solid background in all required digital & social media fundamentals plus many more. Thus it allows you to optionally pursue much more international certifications:

    - The Facebook online certification and qualify as a 'Facebook Certified Professional'. Εxam fee is US $150.
    - The Interactive Advertising Bureau professional exam & certification and qualify as a 'IAB Digital Media & Ads Certified'. Εxam fee is US $600.
    - The eMarketer CeM exam & certification for professional members of the eMA and qualify as a 'Certified eMarketer'. Εxam fee is US $190.
    - The Google Ad Words Fundamentals exam & certification and qualify as a 'Google Qualified Professional'. Εxam is free.

    Only the very best training courses that meet stringent requirements can prepare you. Our diploma offers more than enough to achieve further exams & qualifications.

  • Personal career & business growth after the course

  • How am I going to benefit after completing the course?

    After successfully completing this course you will be able to:

    - Understand the web & social media consumer behaviors & decisions
    - Compare and leverage all digital & social media channels & tools in your work

    - Draft digital & social media strategies & action plans with a detailed budget (SEO strategy, social media management strategy, performance & inbound strategy, advertising strategy, complete digital & social media strategy)
    - Include digital & social media campaigns & tools into your communication & media mix

    - Find, evaluate and manage digital & social media service providers & partners
    - Execute your strategies through a project structure, with milestones, deliverables and KPIs
    - Increase conversions, generate more sales - Reduce your expenses and budget spending
    - Hire digital & social media executives and understand their terminology and skills

    - Monitor & optimize the impact of your digital performance and effectiveness
    - Report all your digital & social media results, activities and KPIs

    - Start selling digital & social media services to your clients as a freelance professional
    - Include digital & social media services in your business & revenue model for your company

    - You will be part of a wonderful Facebook community of Greek Digital & Social Media Specialists & Executives, offering support for any question you may have
    - You will participate in free-to-access events (taking place 4 times a year) to mix and match with other Digital & Social Media Professionals, agencies and brands

    This course is not just about 'understanding' and it is not about a 'fast track'.

    It is about being able to implement and thrive in your market.

  • Which are the digital & social media job positions I would be able to work for?

    After successfully completing this course you will be able to upgrade your work skills or apply for new job positions such as:

    Strategy & Sales positions

    - Digital & Social Media Head
    - Digital & Social Media PR Manager/Consultant
    - Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager/Consultant
    - Digital & Social Media Sales Manager/Consultant

    Operational positions

    - Mobile Manager/Consultant
    - E-mail Manager/Consultant
    - Search Engine Optimization Manager/Consultant
    - Google Advertising (SEM) Manager/Consultant
    - Facebook Advertising Manager/Consultant
    - Twitter Advertising Manager/Consultant
    - LinkedIn Advertising Manager/Consultant
    - Display Advertising Manager/Consultant/Planner/Buyer
    - Affiliate Advertising Manager/Consultant/Planner/Buyer
    - Social Media Community Manager/Freelancer
    - Performance Marketing Manager/Consultant
    - Content Manager/Consultant
    - Web Monitoring & Analytics Manager/Consultant
    - Social Media Insights & Analytics Manager/Consultant
    - E-Commerce & E-shop Manager/Consultant
    - Portal & Publisher Manager/Consultant

    Academic positions

    - Digital & Social Media Trainer/Instructor

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3) Refunds: Cancellations received 15 days before the course will receive a full 100% refund, cancelations received 14 - 1 days before the course will receive 50% refund and cancellations received after the start of the course will not be eligible for any refund and any outstanding amount due (the remaining installments) must be fully paid as far as the seat is booked.

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